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Church Passage off Mitre Square Period Location Images
Church Passage off Mitre Square
A view of the corner of Mitre Square where Catherine Eddowes body was found.
mitre square - Catherine Eddows
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Mitre Square
Jack the Ripper murder site : Mitre Square
Above: A full view of Mitre Square looking west from St James's Passage (formerly Church Passage). The murder scene is to the left of where the person is ...
Kearley and Tongue's warehouse on the north side of Mitre Square, 1928
Mitre Square, Messrs. Kearly & Tonge visible in the background.
How has Mitre Square changed since 1888?
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The corner of Mitre Square where Catherine Eddowes was butchered. It was at the top
Mitre Square
Mitre Square from another angle
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Contemporary police drawing of Mitre Square
Holmes will decide that they should check all 3 streets leading to the Miter Square -
Mitre Square Then Mitre Sq 2015
Modern Mitre Square
Closer up view of the modern murder spot
Image gallery. Mitre Square ...
Mitre Square from the north
Mitre Square
news london
Above: A close-up view of the modern buildings in Mitre Square which now stand in the northern corner (opposite the corner where Catherine Eddowes was ...
Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper - Part 17 - Katherine Eddowes - Mitre Square
1915 THE BLACK LION SPITALFIELDS Victorian London, Vintage London, Old London, East End
A red and gold mitre sits atop the pile of coffins
Mitre Square
Deduction Board (murder of Katherine Eddowes - Mitre Square) 2/2 - Mitre
By 1888 Mitre Square ...
Cancel the zoom and make some further inspections: intestine on the right arm, open
What is here today is a fairly municipal park, with a large fenced off area for children to play in. On my visit, the grass was also fenced off, ...
Holmes and Watson are going to Miter Square, the place where the second crime was
Image gallery. Mitre Square ...
Mitre Square
1 - Mitre Square, night 7/8 October 1888 - Walkthrough - Sherlock Holmes
Meeting Facility Featured Image Lobby ...
JACK THE RIPPER LOCATIONS : THEN AND NOW - YouTube Very cool time machine for any Jack the Ripper fans.
Mitre Square ...
Mitre Square is undergoing a major development though it currently remains the only site where you can stand on the exact position on any given day (though ...
murder site St James passage off Mitre Square
So - Mitre Square, night 7/8 October 1888 - Walkthrough - Sherlock Holmes
Kind regards ...
Buck's Row, Whitechapel 1888. Site of the murder of Jack the Ripper's 1st victim, Mary Ann "Poly" Nichols, on 31 August 1888
Church Passage ©Jane Coram
Durward Street, 1969. Formerly known as Buck's Row but the name was changed after the body of Jack the Ripper's first victim Mary Ann Nicholls was found in ...
Today we have an austere brick box, and that rather unusual aesthetic is what makes this church such an interesting one to visit. In time, the plaster work ...
Hanbury Street,Whitechapel 1888 East End London, Ripper Street, Photo Archive, Jack
So we begin where we left off last time, at Tate Modern, exiting from the Blavatnik Building onto Sumner Street. Then we cut down Canvey Street as far as ...
3 - Mitre Square, night 7/8 October 1888 - Walkthrough - Sherlock Holmes
Catherine Eddowes: The Last 24 Hours
... once home to the New River Water Company, and when they started developing the area into housing, were prevailed upon to donate some land for a church.
5 - Mitre Square, night 7/8 October 1888 - Walkthrough - Sherlock Holmes
The former location of Flower and Dean Street)
Church of St John The Evangelist, Kilkenny
Deduction Board (murder of Katherine Eddowes - Mitre Square) 1/2 - Mitre
Entrance to Millers Court, Dorset Street
All Hallows By The Tower Church Image
Image gallery. Mitre Square ...
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The Christchurch in Spitalfields was the dominant landmark of the time and everyone would have known
A view of St Mary's Church seen along Whitechapel High Street.
San Carlo al Corso
There was a man, dressed in Victorian period costume, standing on a park bench, talking loudly at a group of people below. He was banging on about someone ...
(St Botolph's Church Without Aldgate, 2017)
What had the Ripper been doing between leaving Mitre Square at c.1.44am and c2.55am when there was only a small distance between the two sites?
(The location of 16 Batty Street, though it is not the same building)
Santa Maria Maggiore
It is also a church that made a very fleeting appearance in a Channel 4 programme, as it can be seen from the windows of a Georgian row of houses, ...
Romerberg Square and St. Nicholas church at night
Granville Square is a prominent tree lined square surrounded by period homes, located north of Kings Cross Road.
Map 2
St Etheldreda's Church - St Etheldreda's Exterior
Heunensäule column
Ye Old Mitre Tavern Ye Old Mitre Entrance
Nantes Passage (also Church Passage) was built for Huguenot weavers.
Piazza (square) Santa Croce and Santa Croce church
Entrance to Church-passage leading to Mitre-sq, last place Eddowes is seen
ockwells manor
Collecting his own lamp, Morris followed Watkins out into the square and looked at the woman's body. Then, while Watkins stood guard, Morris ran out through ...
Concepción, Tucumán
Market square (Markplatz) with St Martin Church in background.
Looking down Durward Street with some cobbled stones peaking through
A NIGHT IN THE CELLS. Catherine's journey to Mitre Square ...
Villa General Mitre
Mitre Square just inside the jurisdiction of the City of London was where Catherine Eddowes was
Clockwise from top-left: night view of the SEC Armadillo and River Clyde;